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We cannot help any person who is not permanently employed. If you are in a long term contract and can prove you still have more than 6 months to your contract we will have our team analyse the contract and see if we can assist you.
You must be a monthly salary earner. We can't assist any other salary earners - E.g. weekly or bi-weekly, etc.
You have to be between 18 and 65 years old. If you are 64 years old you're still eligible. If you're 65 with more than 6 months left before retirement, we can get our team to analyse and see if we can assist you.
You, as the applicant, must have a bank account in your own name. We do not assist people who have a joint account with a partner, or who are wanting to use someone else's bank account.
You have to be employed for longer than 3 months at your current employer. If you worked for them as a contractor and they have just hired you full time, then we can get our team to analyse your situation and see if we can assist you.
If you have placed yourself under: Administration, Debt Counseling, Debt Review, The law forbids us from lending you any money at all.
We are not allowed to assist any clients that are blacklisted on any Credit Bureaus in South Africa.
With the correct documentation and information an assessment can be done within 15 min to determine a qualifying loan amount.
After receiving all relevant documentation an ITC check is requested and an affordability assessment is done. If you qualify, a contract is generated that must be signed by you. Your signed contract and other documents are uploaded and checked. If all is correct, we will call your employer to do employment confirmation. If successful your loan is approved and then paid out.
Our interest rates are in line with the rates as published in the Government Gazette No 39379 on the 6th of November 2015.
Our interest rate for a first loan is 5% per month.
Our interest rate on a top-up loan is 3% per month.